Moss Point Soldier Laid To Rest

Songs of praise filled First Baptist Church in Moss Point. Tears filled the eyes of those who love Terance Lee.

"A devoted father, he was a beloved son, a beloved brother, an obviously by this congregation, he was a valued member of this community," Brigadier General Ben Gaston said.

Sergeant Lee was also a valued member of the 155th Combat Engineers. He was one of two National Guardsmen killed on June 11 when a bomb exploded near their humvee south of Baghdad. Sergeant Larry Arnold Senior, 46, was laid to rest earlier this week in Carriere.

As their comrads continue the fight in Iraq, the family, friends and fellow soldiers left behind try to celebrate Lee's life and service.

"This is an unfortunate loss, but as I said told his mother, he wanted to go and defend his country," Gaston said.

"I know he was where he wanted to be, doing what needed to be done. I know his family is proud of him. I'm glad to have known him. He's a fine young man," Caryl Ulrich said.

"He would like to pick on me, but he was just messing. He wouldn't do no harm to me. That's what I just liked about him," Ladarrious Lee said.

"It is a time of sorrow, but like the preacher said at the church, a little joy need to be in here too," Dedric Lee said.

"He was trustworthy, he was good hearted, and he was always willing to do what needed to be done. I guess that's why we are really here today," Ulrich said.

"Thank you Terrance. Thank you for what you gave us when you were here and thank you for what you gave us in your death."