Group Wants Offshore Drilling Added To Session Agenda

Lawmakers will be back in Jackson next week for yet another special session. This time, a South Mississippi group wants the issue of offshore drilling on the agenda.

Robert Barq is a spokesman for the 12 Miles South Coalition, a group that opposes drilling unless it's 12 nautical miles south of the Barrier Islands.

Barq is asking Governor Barbour to put the issue on the agenda to repel a recently passed bill. That bill that passed during the regular session shifts the authority over such projects from the DEQ to the State Development Authority.

Critics say such drilling could endanger the enviornment and even hurt toursim by becoming an eyesore out in the Gulf.. Supporters say those people are misinformed.

This week, Governor Barbor said if the drilling can't be done without harming the environment or tourism, it shouldn't be done at all.

The special session is set to begin next Tuesday.