Furry Friends Up For Adoption

Funny Farm is the right name for the animal haven on Neva Bailey's property.  Dogs, cats, horses and pot bellied pigs share the 130 acres off Seaman Road north of Ocean Springs. Neva wants their stay to be just temporary.

"I would say we have at least 30 dogs for adoption, probably 20 cats and to the right home I would say ten horses."

The yorkie mixes are among the most recent arrivals. Police removed more than 100 of them from a Moss Point home in April. About half had to be put to sleep. Fifteen are still waiting to be adopted.

"Like little Miss Becca, just as sweet and cute as they can be. She has housebreaking issues, but to me that's her only problem. She's come back three times."

But Neva's group Animal Protection and Education or APEA doesn't give up. The dedicated animal lovers are determined to find homes and to stress the importance of spaying and neutering.

"Obviously we have failed our job. People don't believe in it. So we have all this overpopulation of pets and other animals, like pot bellied pigs. We have 15 pot bellied pigs right now."

The group networks with other shelters and rescue groups to place animals. Neva has been involved for three years and says the work takes an emotional toll.

"Burnout is a bad problem in this business and I am on the verge of it right now. The income is so high and all of these animals, they're just good animals and nobody wants to look at a used dog or cat and it's heartbreaking."

Along with all the homeless pets, Neva has about 30 animals of her own. Her group charges a $75  adoption fee. Each animal is spayed or neutered, receives worm treatment and gets its shots.

If you want to help the Animal Protection and Education Association, call 826-1581. The group is also a member of Petfinder.com.