Fallen war hero gets street namesake in Pascagoula

Fallen war hero gets street namesake in Pascagoula
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PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A fallen soldier is being recognized in Pascagoula, more than five decades after his death. Mayor Jim Blevins recently signed a city ordinance giving the decorated warrior his own street.

Tears streamed down Suzette Donovan's face as a unanimous vote approved changing the name of Vega Street to 1st Lt. Eugene J. Majure Drive.

"I was just so proud that the city of Pascagoula wanted to take the opportunity to honor my father," Donovan said.

Donovan was just 10 months old when her father was killed fighting in the Vietnam War in August of 1966. His death was a silent topic growing up.

"My father died and we never understood growing up why," Donovan said.

As Donovan aged, the desire to know her father and find closure grew. A snarky remark from someone calling her "just a soldier's daughter" sparked her quest to memorialize the Pascagoula native and decorated soldier.

"I'm going to do all I can to honor him so you will know this soldier's daughter is the daughter of a hero, and don't you ever say anything negative like that again," Donovan said.

She reached out to Pascagoula city leaders and, after a few months of verifying paperwork, they decided on renaming Vega Street, which is also home to a VFW post

"Veteran's of Foreign War, wow  I mean that's an honor right there, and for them to recognize my father, and put him there," said Majure's son Michael Majure.

Donovan says more than 50 years later, she finally feels peace, knowing her father will live on in the city he loved.

"I don't live here, but I know that this is home, and my father would be very proud," Donovan said.

Signs for the new street should go up in the next few weeks.

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