Beloved politician and former Biloxi mayor laid to rest

Beloved politician and former Biloxi mayor laid to rest
Loved ones gather for a visitation service for Guice. (Photo source: WLOX News Now)
Loved ones gather for a visitation service for Guice. (Photo source: WLOX News Now)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was a mix of emotions Tuesday afternoon for family, friends, and colleagues as former Biloxi mayor Danny Guice, Sr. was laid to rest. Those who attended the visitation at the Gruich Community Center in Biloxi said he was more than a great politician, having served all three branches of government. He was also described as a compassionate person.

"He was a very fun person to be around. Very kind. He was very well educated," said Guice's nephew, Jacob Guice, Jr.

Family members said Guice was a mover and shaker, always on the go, but still able to make time for family. They said compassion was one of his greatest strengths.

"I don't remember him hardly ever raising his voice to anyone," said Jacob.

Though he was 92 when he passed, Guice was still very independent. He was still able to walk on his own and drive. He regularly checked on his siblings and friends in nursing homes while living with his granddaughter, who took care of him.

"We always watched "Wheel of Fortune" every night. That was our thing. I came home Thursday and the garage was still down, and I knew something was wrong, but he passed peacefully, and that's all you can ask," said Guice's granddaughter, Blair Guice.

Danny Guice, Jr. said perhaps one of the toughest times in his father's mayoral career was Hurricane Camille. He recalled not seeing his father several days following that hurricane.

"Bill Simpson was the chief of staff for Sen. Eastland would tell me when I would see him in Jackson. He said he was afraid the peninsula of Biloxi was going to sink from the weight of the federal money that daddy brought down to Biloxi and the Gulf Coast," recalled Danny Jr.

As a Harrison County court judge, he's remembered as a fair person who controlled his court but still showed great compassion.

"Judge Guice, who was so kind to me when I first came on the bench and gracious with his time. The way he treated people, I don't know one person who doesn't love Danny Guice," said Judge Gaston Hewes.

Following a eulogy, a procession followed his casket to his final resting place at the Biloxi City Cemetery. Though he's passed on, his loved ones said thru his deeds, he'll live forever.

Guice also served as a state representative from Harrison County. He passed away last Thursday at his home in Biloxi.

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