Martial arts instructor charged with sex crimes bonds out of jail

Martial arts instructor charged with sex crimes bonds out of jail
Allen Todd Pisarich in court (Photo source: WLOX)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - In Jackson County, the owner of The Academy for Mixed Martial Arts, Allen Todd Pisarich, is now out on bond.

Pisarich faces two counts of sexual battery of a juvenile, and his case will now go before a grand jury.

In a court room Monday morning, the 48-year-old faced a judge for the first time. His bond was set at $40,000; $20,000 for each count of sexual battery of a juvenile in a position of trust.

"We started an investigation into the matter, continued working on it gathering evidence and consulting with the District Attorney's Office," said Sheriff Mike Ezell.

Ezell's department was notified in November about the alleged misconduct, which resulted in U.S. Marshals arresting Pisarich last week.

"As time has gone by, we've continued to work the case. We've followed the information, had witnesses and folks come forward, and victims have been spoken with. After consulting with the District Attorney's Office, we went forward with the charges," said Ezell.

Judge Larry Wilson ordered Pisarich, who has no prior felony convictions, to have no contact with the alleged victim.

The judge also said both counts of the alleged misconduct occurred on Oct. 13, 2016.

"We are continuing with the investigation. If there is potentially more victims and more charges to come, we'll continue with the investigation," Ezell said. "We're working closely with the DA's office on this, and if more charges come out, we will make the appropriate charge at the appropriate time."

Ezell asks people who know anything more in regards to this case to contact his department.

Pisarich bonded out of jail at 12:30 p.m. Monday.

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