Biloxi church holds annual Easter egg hunt

Biloxi church holds annual Easter egg hunt

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Building communities and saving lives was the goal of an annual Easter egg hunt sponsored by Church of the King.

Hundreds packed the AJ Holloway Sports complex in Biloxi on Saturday for the annual event.

"I love the Easter egg hunt. It's a special part of the celebration," said one child at the event.

Every year the free event aims to show kids from all over the Coast a great time, all while celebrating the biblical history of the Easter holiday.

However, this year's event was slightly different. Before the main egg hunt took place, there was a unique Easter Egg hunt for kids with special needs.

Several volunteers were able to guide those who needed a little help to the right place to find the right egg.

Church of the King member, Kallista Gonzalez was one of those volunteers. Although she's young, she says she sees the importance of helping others.

"We all just decided to let them have their time in and let them get their turn because a lot of kids have needs that we can't sometimes go up to," said Gonzalez.

Even though the Easter egg hunts were the main attraction of the event, it wasn't the only thing that kids could do to celebrate.

"They loved the Bubbles and the jump houses. It's hard to get them away from it. But everything they're doing out here, I absolutely love, said local parent, Brittany Mallard.

Kids were able to participate in a variety of activities while looking up to their favorite superheroes.

"I love to see the children glow up and their face paintings. I love it," said Mallard.

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