Gulf Park Estates residents fed up with crime

Gulf Park Estates residents fed up with crime

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Residents of the Gulf Park Estates neighborhood in Jackson County are fed up with the increase in crime around them.

"It's the drugs and the speeding, people walk down there every night," said neighborhood watch member Freddy Johnston.

Johnston says its these issues, along with dozens of car and home burglaries that prompted the neighborhood watch to take action.

"We need to be aware, Gulf Estates Park. We can do this by joining together," said Johnston.

Jackson County Sheriff's Department Deputy Darius Wilson says law enforcement is limited in what it can do to help since the county is so large. He says the solution to the up tick in crime has to start with the residents. The neighborhood is outside of Ocean Springs' city limits so it is solely patrolled through the sheriff's department.

"We're finding a lot of our vehicle burglaries and home burglaries are because people are leaving their doors unlocked. We're just living in a time where you can't do that anymore," said Wilson.

Wilson says since the police can't be everywhere at once, its important that the neighborhood watch be alert. He hopes the sheriff's office's new app can help with that.

The app allows Jackson County residents to send in anonymous tips and the also gives you the capability to upload video or pictures of crimes in action. Quarterly neighborhood watch meetings are important and hopes to have another this summer.

The app is available for free on apple and android devices. You can find it by going to the app store and typing in Jackson County Sheriff. It comes up with a picture of Sheriff Ezell as the image.

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