Soldier's Wish delivers to Biloxi Vietnam vet

Soldier's Wish delivers to Biloxi Vietnam vet

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was a heartfelt gift, to a veteran who's fallen on tough times.

Subway Restaurants decided to support an organization called Soldier's Wish. From that partnership, a Vietnam veteran from Biloxi, who was recently homeless, received a blessing on Friday.

The latest recipient, 66-year-old Byron Ruffin of Biloxi. The local American Legion Post has been helping him out.

"Thank you so much, for one, being a veteran and going out and fighting the fight and doing those things as we do in the military. Sorry that you've fallen on hard times. Thank goodness that Post 33 and the American Legion out there has been able to step up and help you out," said Ochsenbein.

The Subway restaurant near Post 33 and the Keesler gate hosted the special presentation, which included a $1,500 gift card.

Ruffin was appreciative and a bit overwhelmed at the kindness shown.

"I want to encourage others in need; and I've seen them out there. Seek help. Don't be too ashamed. Or embarrassed, to ask for help," said Ruffin.

Based in Oklahoma, Soldier's Wish helps about 500 veterans a year by granting special wishes.

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