Biloxi residents say high speed is problematic

Biloxi residents say high speed is problematic

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Some residents in Biloxi say they are fed up with the speeders who use their neighborhood as an alternate route into an apartment complex.

They hope the city comes up with a solution quick before someone gets hurt.

"I've seen them hit 60, 70 miles per hour sometimes. They're always using it for a shortcut out of the Maison Apartments, especially late at night," said John Meredith, who lives on Pine Grove Avenue.

Meredith and his neighbors say speeding has been a problem in their Biloxi neighborhood for years.

"Another speeder passed them on this street and if I hadn't stepped out of the way, I would have been nailed that's a guarantee," said Jules Cotton.

Residents say the source of the problem is coming from the Maison de Orleans.

"They have bumps on their road to slow the speeders down. So most of the time the speeders choose to come down Pine Grove or Briarview," said Cotton

One homeowner on Beach View Avenue, a neighboring street to Pine Grove Avenue, says the traffic is a danger to her children.

"I just feel like I have to be really careful when we first moved in. I would camp on the street when they were playing. I would put cones out. But people don't really respect the fact that is the kids area just as much as it is theirs," said Molly Otiende.

But speeding isn't the only problem. Residents complain of drivers blaring loud music and littering the roads.

Mike Anderson says he's ready for a solution.

"I hope they get the emergency gate back there to stop this traffic that comes through here is what I would really like to see. That's my big concern," said Anderson of Pine Grove Avenue.

Biloxi City Councilman Paul Tisdale told WLOX News Now the city is trying to correct the issue. Maison de Orleans has two access points, one on Mercury Lane and one on Highway 90. The goal is to put a gate up at Mercury Lane that would only be accessed by emergency personnel.

WLOX reached out to Maison de Orleans Friday afternoon, and was told employees were not authorized to comment.

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