D'Iberville High students help Humane Society

D'Iberville High students help Humane Society

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Students from D'Iberville High School's community service and shop classes arrived at the Humane Society of South Mississippi with goodies on Thursday.

The students made toys and dog agility equipment for the outdoor play area.

"We have two dog ramps and what's called an agility trail. We have a platform the dogs can lay on and two hurdles they can jump and have a good time, kind of like things you see at the dog agility trials," said Coach Cragin Gilbert.

The South Mississippi students feel it's important to go the extra mile to contribute to the community.

"It's just a fact knowing that we get to help out in the community and get to help the Humane Society, considering they don't get a lot of things done for them," according to student Bryson Duckworth.

Many chose the project because of their love of animals.

"I really love animals and I know they are over populated most of the time. I think it's very important to help the animals here," said Cris Broadus.

And, the Humane Society of South Mississippi appreciates it.

"We think it's awesome and we're excited that they gave their time and talent to make these agility ramps for the animals, and they made over 200 toys. The dogs will get a lot out of it," HSSM's Katie King said.

Leaders say the young, energetic generation can do so much to make a difference. It's starts with desire and commitment, and ends with satisfaction.

"Not just at D'Iberville, but Coast wide, I think it's important for our youth to give back. Having a project and finishing it and getting to this day to see the dogs do some cool tricks," Coach Gilbert said.

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