Action Report: Apartment complex in Gautier fixing various issues

Action Report: Apartment complex in Gautier fixing various issues

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Several Singing River Apartments residents in Gautier are upset. They say they are dealing with sewer backups, air conditioning issues, and drinking water that has a brownish tint to it.

"The sewage started backing up and when it backed up it came up into the toilet," said Michael Johnson. "The water system was so vile, that we couldn't even drink it. We had to start drinking bottled water."

Things began improving for the residents about three weeks ago Joseph and Suzy Allo management team took over oversight of the apartments.  The first thing they did was replace old sewer pipes.

"Once we took care of that we had everything draining correctly.  So, that's not an issue anymore," said Allo.

Johnson says he hasn't experienced another sewer backup since. However, compared to the bottled water, the water coming from his kitchen faucet has a colored tint to it.

Allo says the company contracted by the city to oversee Gautier's water system flushed out the apartment's water system and the water is now safe to drink. As far as the color, he says it's a city-wide problem.

"The water color is like that not just here, but throughout Gautier. So, I guess that's an ongoing issue with the water department, not on us here," said Allo. "The way the well system works here, sometimes it does pick hydrogen sulfide and sometimes the levels get a little too high, but not high enough to where it can hurt anyone."

A public notice mailed to all Gautier residents by Clear Water Solutions, the company overseeing the city's water says in part, "The company is tracking the flow of clear filtered water as it makes it way through the new Ion Exchange Filtration Plant....Due to the flow rate, it could take up to 12 months for the brownish tint to be removed from the system.  Water quality is 100 percent compliant with the Mississippi Department of Health."

Johnson also says his central air conditioner is no longer working. Allo says the apartment complex has taken steps to upgrade Johnson's and other air conditioner units.

"We're in the process of getting new units in, and to be able to look forward as far as preventive maintenance to go ahead and get his, along with some other units." stated Allo.

The new air conditioner units should be installed within two weeks.

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