Gov. Bryant signs Dense Breast Tissue bill

Gov. Bryant signs Dense Breast Tissue bill

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - With annual awareness events and countless public service announcements, most women are aware of the importance of breast cancer screenings.

But, an estimated 40 percent of women over than age of 40 also have something else on their minds - breast density.

Having dense breasts not only increases the risk of developing breast cancer, it also makes it harder to detect. In some states, healthcare providers are not required to inform patients of the condition.

Until recently, Mississippi was included among those states.

On March 2, District 119 Rep. Sonya Williams-Barnes took to social media to announce that the Dense Breast Tissue legislation had passed both the House and the Senate.

Three years in the making, Senate Bill 2006 will require providers to inform patients in writing if they have dense breasts.

Gov. Phil Bryant signed the bill in Jackson on April 11.

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