West Harrison junior ROTC hosts flag retirement

West Harrison junior ROTC hosts flag retirement

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Patriotism, respect, and honor were on full display at West Harrison High School Thursday afternoon as the junior ROTC hosted a flag retirement ceremony.

Patriotism marked the gathering of student military leaders, who said the Pledge of Allegiance and prepared for the retirement ritual.

"This flag speaks for justice, honor and integrity. It speaks our sense of pride as proud Americans," said Roberta Lundquist, with the Gulf Coast chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The solemn ceremony saluted the sacred banner by retiring an old flag, with respect and dignity.

"As we hold the proud red and white stripes of what was once our flag, we each in turn cut from it one stripe. First red, and then white, cutting carefully and respectfully," said one of the cadets, reading from the flag retirement protocol.

The ceremony also included recognizing the top junior ROTC leaders.

"I love drill and I love going to PT team and I love working with cadet ones. I like the discipline and I meet new friends," said Holly Rowell, West Harrison Cadet Captain.

The DAR also presented West Harrison High with a brand new flag to replace the one that was retired.

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