Broadwater May Get 38 Story Condo

Alvin Wells sat along the southern tip of the Broadwater Resort. He had an array of fishing lures bobbing in the water.

"When I was originally stationed here in 1978, this was one of the best fishing areas around here," he said.

Almost three decades later, the prime fishing spot shares space with the President Casino. Soon, they both could be replaced by a condominium with 420 units towering over the Broadwater.

"Most of the fishermen that I know who fish out here wouldn't like it at all," he said.

According to Broadwater owner Roy Anderson III, the Levin group out of Pensacola, Florida has a deal to transform the President Casino's parking lot into Portofino at the Broadwater.

In fact, this weekend, Levin group agents will officially launch the project by contacting investors to see if they have any interest in buying a unit in what could become a 38 story Biloxi condominium, right on the waterfront.

If preliminary sales take off, Portofino developers will create a master plan that shows how the Broadwater's point will be changed. And then, they'll present their ideas to Biloxi leaders.

According to Anderson, Keesler Air Force Base would allow a 420 foot tower on the Broadwater's southern tip. The current Portofino proposal falls within that height limit.

Anderson's ownership team has plans to save and renovate the Broadwater golf course. Anderson is hoping the renovation work will provide enough green space for Biloxi leaders, so his tenant can get its 38 story condominium off the ground.

The Broadwater owners have hired their own design team to create an overall master plan for the entire resort property. That plan is currently being finalized.

Besides the condo tower and the golf course, owners say it will include a new shopping area, and a new casino.