Olympian Brittney Reese 'disappointed' by reaction to spring breakers

Olympian Brittney Reese 'disappointed' by reaction to spring breakers

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - One of Gulfport's hometown heroes, Olympic gold medalist Brittney Reese, is weighing in on the conversation about Spring Break on the coast, saying the event should be moved to an area that will better appreciate its economic impact.

In a Facebook post Monday night, Reese wrote, "These cities clearly don't want y'all hard earned money so don't give it to them... Every year they make it hard for you guys and then complain to the media about dumb stuff like trash. So you tell me during Mardi Gras, 4th of July and Cruising the Coast there is no trash or traffic ... BS!"

By Wednesday morning, the post had been shared close to 200 times. Most of the comments on the post supported Reese's statement.

One commenter wrote, "Coming from an athlete who supports the Coast at any measure. Better listen & take heed. Governor should ashamed."

Even so, spring break organizer Maurice Bryant says he doesn't believe next year's event will suffer.

"Anytime you have someone of stature like that, it has an effect, it's a shame it may be a negative effect, and some may decide to go somewhere else for spring break.  But, once again I've received huge numbers of positive feedback on the event," said Bryant. 

Reese's comments preceded rapper Boosie's claims that Biloxi police stole $1 million of his jewelry after he and a group he was with in Edgewater Mall were caught on camera being pepper sprayed by mall security.

WLOX reached out to Brittney Reese for a comment, but did not hear back by air time.

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