UPDATE: Boosie's attorney picks up jewelry

UPDATE: Boosie's attorney picks up jewelry

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi spokesman Vincent Creel said Lil Boosie's attorney came to the Biloxi Police Department on Thursday to pick up the rapper's jewelry.

Police officials say the claim by Boosie that officers stole $1 million worth of jewelry from him is untrue. Lt. Chris De Back said the jewelry, along with other personal items, was in "safe keeping."

Boosie, whose given name is Torrence Hatch, claims Biloxi police stole his jewelry out of a van while officers arrested members of his crew after an incident at Edgewater Mall over the weekend.

Biloxi police said a Dillard's loss prevention officer confronted a large group inside the store Sunday  after several people became disorderly as they followed Boosie and his crew.

The loss prevention officer was caught on video pepper spraying people in the crowd. Boosie said in a second Instagram post that race motivated the loss prevention officer to pepper spray the group several times.

Sometime after the loss prevention officer sprayed the group, a fight broke out, and the guard and a Biloxi police officer were attacked by several men. The suspects fled the scene in a white Mercedes bus. That bus was eventually pulled over on Irish Hill Dr.

Boosie said in an Instagram video he had $1 million worth of jewelry in a sack inside the bus. He said police took the sack while officers arrested his friends. De Back said a small amount of marijuana and a stolen handgun were found at that time.

Investigators said the bus was locked, towed, and impounded after the arrests. Biloxi spokesman Vincent Creel said instructions were given to pick up the bus, but no one ever came to get it out of the impound. De Back said the key to the bus was kept in a safe since Sunday.

De Back said the department launched an investigation as soon as Boosie made the theft allegations. De Back said several pieces of jewelry and other personal items found inside the bus were packaged and placed in safe keeping to be returned to the owners.

Boosie posted another video to Instagram after the bus was inventoried.

"We put pressure on them. We send all kind of lawyers to Biloxi. We talk to everybody in the city. Come to find out, my jewelry has been found. After three days of nobody knows where my jewelry at, it has been found," Boosie said in the video. "Corruption. They knew they couldn't take my jewelry and sell it and get away with it, so now my jewelry has been found."

In an interview with journalist Roland Martin, Boosie said he will not be going to Biloxi to pick up his jewelry. He said he is sending his attorney. He added there was no mention of jewelry on the police report from Sunday's incident.

Boosie added he is hiring private investigators to send to Biloxi.

"This is a criminal case and a civil case," Boosie said.

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