Latimer Residents Tired Of Seaman Road Speeders

For the last 10 years Chick Alford has watched drivers race by his front door.

"It's a little annoying," Alford says.

He's seen the his wife nearly killed by a speeder right in the front yard.

"My wife was turning into this driveway and young fellow in a pickup truck decided he was going to pass all of the cars and get ahead of everybody and slammed into her. He had to have been doing 70 or 80 when he passed."

Alford says he's tired of the reckless speeding.

"Friday afternoon, it's a drag strip down this place. There goes a good example there," Alford says, pointing to a passing car.

Sometimes Alford sets a camera out to tape drivers as the wizz by. He wants to show it to county supervisors.

"You can call them and tell them, but they don't really know unless they see it. So, this was my attempt to show them what's going on."

Alford says sheriff deputies have come out when he's called, but there's little they can do. Sheriff's deputies don't have the power to use radar to monitor speeders.

Mississippi sheriffs tried to get a bill passed through the state legislature this year that would enable them to use radar, but it did not pass.

"Jackson County, Harrison County really need it. Because people know they can get on a county road and go as fast as they want, and unless a deputy gets right behind you, you're not going to get a speeding ticket."

He says more speed limit signs and maybe a few stop signs along the route would keep drivers coasting right at 40.

"Something's got to be done about it before there's a fatality."