GPS could have presented traffic challenges for spring break weekend

GPS could have presented traffic challenges for spring break weekend

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - We're only days removed from the big spring break weekend on the coast. But, law enforcement officers are already reviewing the plans and thinking ahead to next year. According to some of these officers, technology could have played a role in some of this year's traffic problems.

When events come to the coast, it's a general understanding that more traffic is to be expected. But, according to initial numbers, this year's spring break weekend brought in the biggest crowd yet.

Some of the visitors spilled into neighborhoods that might not have seen as much traffic in years past.

"The roads were so clogged that I think they probably looked on their navigation systems and said, oh well this road will take us around to that road and connect. And everybody was trying to move around town in the most efficient way possible. But I think we all know that there was no efficient way to move about town this weekend," said Major Jim Adamo with the Biloxi Police Department.

But many of the people I spoke to didn't seem to mind the extra traffic around their neighborhoods.

"If we have to go somewhere, we just kind of plan ahead and try to do it before the weekend. And if we had to do something on the weekend, we'd just kind of take an alternate route, go the long way around," said Carol Stockert, who lives near Popp's Ferry Elementary School.

Stockert said the economic impact of the spring breakers overshadowed any negative traffic impact.

"Maybe next year, they need to plan a little bit more for traffic and trash and that sort of thing. But overall, it was good," she said.

Helen Russell, who lives north of the Coast Coliseum, actually called this year's spring break weekend quiet compared to recent years.

"Basically, 90 percent of them are just great people down here wanting to have a good time and enjoy themselves and we just have to learn to be patient and understanding," she said.

As for law enforcement, the plan is ever changing.

"You have to remain fluid, you have to be able to move and respond to these incidents as they develop and to be able to say, ok, this is what we faced this year. How can we be better prepared next year?" said Adamo.

Law enforcement agencies on the coast have special event plans that they put in place for everything from Cruisin' the Coast, to last year's marathon.

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