Neighbors angry over spring break, fear for safety

Neighbors angry over spring break, fear for safety

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A neighborhood in fear. Residents worried for their safety. As spring break winds down, anger is building, and it likely won't calm down anytime soon.

This year's spring break may have been the biggest, but for Tina Grantham, it was the worst.

"It's really upsetting, because they never used to come on this street," Grantham said through tears. "They never used to go on that street back there, and they're upsetting the whole neighborhood, and I want some protection, because I can't go through this every year. I'm not going through it every year anymore."

Her home on Pine Grove Ave. is just yards away from one of the biggest gatherings for spring breakers in Biloxi. When she checked on her home Saturday, people were barbecuing in her front yard.

"My husband didn't want to cause a problem with the people," Grantham said. "He figured if we were to call the cops, it would make everybody mad, and they would really tear up our house, because it's under renovation right now. We just left, crying and upset."

Neighbors in the Briarfield subdivision are upset that spring breakers have begun to spread their party into their neighborhood, with intersections blocked and streets trashed.

"We're a prisoner in our own house," said Sugee Stone. "I mean, I couldn't even get out. Can't get in. So, what can we do? We're stuck."

Sugee said she was more worried this year than any other.

"In the past, they've been pretty reasonable, but it's been scary this year. We don't have any problems with anyone having fun, but you know, have some respect for the people that have to stay here," said Sugee.

Her husband, Eric Stone, agreed.

"I don't mind if it's down on the coast. Everybody's allowed to enjoy the beach. I love it down here. I enjoy the beach, but we shouldn't be blocked into our neighborhood feeling threatened," said Sugee.

During the height of spring break activities, Eisenhower Dr. was impassable.

Tonya Garrity, who lives in an apartment complex there, was frightened. Not for her, but for her husband, a recent transplant patient who needs regular hospital care.

"There is no way that we would have been able to get through," Garrity said. "If I had had to rush him back to the hospital, it wouldn't have happened. He would have had to have stayed here. He would have died here."

Biloxi police officials said they will assess all the issues in preparation for next year's spring break.

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