Moss Point mayoral candidates to participate in forum Monday

Moss Point mayoral candidates to participate in forum Monday
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MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The mayoral race is heating up in the City of Moss Point. Eleven candidates qualified to run for a chance at becoming the city's head of government.

Political signs plaster the yards of the city's neighborhoods as people begin to get an idea of who will get their vote.

To help with the decision, local members of Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha sororities will host a political forum where residents can hear each candidate's platform.

"The community needs to be informed what's going on in the city and what's being offered," said organizer Debora Joiner.

Moss Point residents and business owners are formulating questions they'd like answered by the candidates.

"The top issue would be what do you plan to do to keep money from being stolen from the city," said resident Doris Smith.

Smith said she's been monitoring the recent utility and police department controversies and wants to be sure her tax payer dollars are going toward what the city needs.

"Are there plans in the works for them to do something about the streets? Are there plans in getting us a grocery store," Smith asks.

Bubba Cunningham, General Manager of Holder-Wells Funeral Home, wants to know how the next administration will tackle crime.

"I want the candidates to address the drug problem here in the Moss Point, the drug activity. I'd like them to address the tax structure, because we've got some high taxes," said Cunningham.

The forum will take place at Magnolia Middle School on Monday, April 10. The plan is to start with a meet and greet session with not only mayoral candidates, but council candidates as well.

"Then, there will be a moderated section with the candidates up on the stage, time keeps, and then a Q&A section, and we hope to get everyone out of there by 7:30-7:45," Joiner said.

The overall goal is for voters to have a better idea on the candidates and their standpoints on the issues they feel matter most.

Th forum starts at 5p.m. at Magnolia Middle School, and our own Janel Forte will serve as moderator.

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