Dry, windy conditions cause brush fires

Dry, windy conditions cause brush fires

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A lack of rain and strong winds have made brush fires a somewhat common thing in South Mississippi over the last couple of days.

Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan attends to an incoming call over the scanner. It's another brush fire in the county.

"We got a lot of units on it quickly. They were able to contain it and get it out very rapidly," said Sullivan.

These calls have been coming in more frequently lately due to dry conditions and heavy winds creating more of a chance for these brush fires to get out of control

"We've had several fires this past week and several past weekends," said Sullivan.

According to Sullivan, these brush fires can be prevented from growing too large with a little bit of common sense.

"Never leave the fire. That's the primary thing. We see people go inside. They say they went inside for only a minute, turns out they were in there much longer than they thought they were. The fire gets away from them, and they come outside and there's the woods or the fields on fire," said Sullivan.

One more thing that people can do is make sure you don't burn more than you can handle.

"If you're going to burn, we always suggest that you keep the pile small. We also suggest that you make sure that you have something to put the fire out, water, and, of course, hoses," said Sullivan.

Sullivan said it may be best to call the local fire department to give them a heads up if people plan to burn something, just as a precautionary measure.

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