Spring breakers just want to have fun

Spring breakers just want to have fun

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - With the sun going down, the fun was just starting to rev up along Biloxi Beach on Saturday. Thousands of people are in South Mississippi this weekend, visiting for Gulf Coast Spring Break, also known as Biloxi Black Beach Weekend. And for them, it's all about having a good time.

"Just the environment, the surroundings, everybody having fun. Just having a good time," said J.J. Woodward. "I like it. Everybody is just chilling and having a good time."

Rookie spring breakers were just as impressed.

"My first time coming from north Mississippi," said John Thomas. "So we're out here, having a good time, enjoying all these beautiful ladies."

Nothing like being buried in sand, also fun for breaker Kierstan Mitchell.

"It's awesome. Everyone is here," said Mitchell. " There's great food, everybody is having a good time. There's no drama, it's lit."

Some, like Dyar Ealie, made a day of it on Saturday.

"It's a nice little event. I've been out here since 7 O'clock," said Ealie. "Traffic is busy but the main thing is you enjoy yourself without violence. Family fun, that's the main thing."

The spectacular weather and inviting water made having fun an easy thing to do for Christasia Chapman.

"I'm having a great time," said Chapman. "It's good to see everybody get together and have fun.  No violence. It's just good to be out today.  Beautiful weather, beautiful weather."

The boardwalk stays busy, as does Highway 90, but that doesn't matter to out of town visitors like Celane Shorts.

"I'm enjoying it. It's nice, the sun is beautiful," said Shorts. "I'm just enjoying the weather and tourists. I'm enjoying the location."

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