Coast veterans support President Trump's retaliation

Coast veterans support President Trump's retaliation

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Men, women, and children were killed in a chemical attack that was blamed on the Syrian government. And then, a United States airstrike on a Syrian Air force base to retaliate.

In South Mississippi, the reaction is strong.

"It was horrific," said Army veteran Marvin Everest. "The killing of the own men and women with that Sarin gas was just beyond imagination."

Christopher Saslo, associate director of patient care services at the Biloxi VA, was equally horrified.

"No loss of life is going to be something that we should be content with," Saslo said. "We all grieve for the loved ones of those that have been lost in Syria and we only look forward to trying to maintain the safety of everybody else."

Many of those who know best, those who have experienced war up front and personal, support the president's decision.

"It can't go unanswered. That's just unthinkable for them to do that to their own people," Everest said. "For us to just stand by and not take a stand, would be unconscionable."

At the VA's ceremony to honor former prisoners of war, the Syrian conflict was on the minds of many.

"That was a very good move on the president's part. We've got a strong president now that's not going to put up with this kind of stuff from Syria, and I'm all for it. I'm all in," said Frederick Crowson, former Vietnam POW.

But, he doesn't want the United States to be alone in any ground war.

"If the coalition got together, I would be for that," Crowson said. "Not just American troops, but for the rest of the coalition."

Ellen Blocker's husband was a POW in Germany. She says an attack on Syria is long overdue.

"I think the United States did what they had to do, and probably should have been done before," said Blocker.

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