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Oakdale residents rescued as waters continue to rise

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The water continues to rise in Oakdale. And for the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office, it was non-stop all day on Wednesday as they rescued several families,

Sheriff Doug Hebert said they will continue to patrol the flooded areas in Oakdale. Anyone who needs assistance needs to call the sheriff's office.

 "We're stationed here in Oakdale and we'll be here until this water starts to recede or until we have a good handle on it and we're getting ready for Oberlin and Kinder in the next few days," Hebert said.

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The water has been rising faster than most people can keep up with - it's predicted to crest at  20 feet. Residents in this area just finished repairing their homes from the last flood - now, it's happening again.

Those who were rescued decided it was best to get out before things got too bad.

"Well, I mean, we weren't stranded but we decided to leave while we could, said one resident. "I don't have a way to go - I had to wait for a ride."

Many residents are feeling discouraged after just getting over the august flood. 

Hardy Estes left his property after the March 2016 flood but his mother still lives on the street. She now has around 5 inches of water in her home. Estes said she called him around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night asking for help. They have been moving her stuff out by boat ever since. 

Estes said they just finished repairing the home after all the damage caused last March. Now, with this flood, they're all drained.

"Depressed, discouraged, whipped - we just remodeled spent $40-50,000 remodeling. It's all ruined - all of it - and I don't know if I'm man enough to build it back this time, so we'll see if she gets to come back or not," he said.

As the water continues to rise, it's bringing snakes and other critters out, which only adds to residents stress. 

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