Audit finds explicit material on school-issued computers

Audit finds explicit material on school-issued computers

JACKSON, MS (AP) - Mississippi Auditor Stacey Pickering says his office has found pornography and other explicit material on computers that some public schools issued to middle school and high school students.

In a report issued Tuesday, Pickering recommends that the state Department of Education require all school districts to monitor school-issued laptops or tablets when the electronic devices are off-campus.

The auditor's office reviewed 150 devices issued to students in nine of the 144 school districts.

The report says all nine districts take steps to filter what students might see on the devices, but not all are completely following their own policies.

The report says 20 percent of the devices contained explicit material.

Pickering says there's no way to know whether a student or someone else in a household searched for the material.

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