Tour Bus Accident Leaves 27 Injured

The charter bus was carrying 41 passengers when the accident happened. Most belonged to an organization called the Modern Knight's Social Club. The group was returning home after a holiday weekend of gambling when the bus left the road.

"We were making a right turn getting on the interstate and the bus started to slide as if he was too fast for the curve, and it kept sliding," Atlanta resident Kathy Crawford said.

Another passenger, Helton Poole, said, "It rocked. It shook, almost turned over.

A look at all the scattered trash and belongings inside the bus shows signs of what passengers endured.

"It just happened so quickly I wasn't frightened, I was prayerful," Emilia Long said.

Highway officials are still investigating, but this is what they say happened. The bus was headed northbound on Highway 603 and was preparing to turn onto the I-10 on ramp. That's when the driver lost control, left the road and hit the ditch embankment.

A total of 27 people were taken to area hospitals. Steve Delahousey with American Medical Response said that only three were seriously injured.

Authorities say the driver of the bus is among the 3 people seriously injured. Officials say they are looking into whether the fact he is a diabetic... had something to do with the accident.