Pascagoula woman fights off attacker

Pascagoula woman fights off attacker

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A night-time trip to the laundromat turned chaotic after a woman was assaulted right outside the building. But, to her attacker's surprise, she wasn't about to go down without a fight.

"I was fighting him like a grown man. Like I told the officers, it was a man to man fight," said the woman, who wishes not to be named.

She was having what seemed like a normal night at the Mayfair Laundry in Pascagoula until she stepped outside to go home.

"He came at me like he was a monster or something, making all these noises. He was trying to grab me by my arms or whatever," said the woman.

She said she was startled at first, but then her survival instincts started to kick in. The two began to tussle back and forth on the ground, where it almost turned deadly.

"When I kneed him in the groin, he rolled off into the middle of the street on Ingalls. He almost got hit by a couple of cars. They were blowing for him to get out the street," said the woman.

She then took the attacker's car keys so he couldn't get away and then ran to the side of the building to call 911.

She didn't know her attacker, but she does remember him from inside the laundromat. She said she had a bad feeling but thought it was nothing.

Police say 44-year-old Isaac Lavon Nathan is charged with the assault.

Lt. Doug Adams, with the Pascagoula Police Department, wants to remind people to always listen to their instincts.

"When you feel uneasy, there's generally a reason why something or somebody makes you feel uneasy. Do not ignore your uneasiness," said Adams.

"This could've been an elderly person. This could've been a teenage child. This could have been a disabled person that he attacked. I just wanted him to know that he messed with the wrong black woman, because if I had a gun or a knife, he would've been dead," said the woman.

Nathan is charged with simple assault. Police also found out he had arrest warrants for several other incidents.

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