New B&B Restores A Piece Of Picayune's History

Picayune's first and only bed & breakfast has been serving up a hearty plate of southern hospitality for nearly six months now.

Picayune is not widely known as a tourist town, but LaBelle Bed & Breakfast is having success attracting customers with its historic charm and beauty.

You might say the 1904 Victorian house has been returned to its original roots. Once a boarding house for weary commuters on the nearby railroad, it's now again a place for rest and relaxation.

"I wanted to get her back to where she was a 100 years ago. She was so beautiful then and just needed that charm to be brought out. And she'd been restored quite a bit throughout the years, modernizing her, but underneath was really where all the beauty was," owner Penny Glaesman said.

Renovating LaBelle was a family affair for Penny and Lyndon Glaesman. The couple, their three sons and other relatives spent eight months preparing the house for guests.

"I want them to feel what their great-grandparents felt. All the furnishings, the coloration and the beautiful crown molding, the tall ceilings, the hardwood floors. I want them to step in and just feel at home, and be able to enjoy those beautiful days of yesteryear."

The B&B opened in January and has attracted quiet a few retirees who are considering planting their roots in Picayune.

"Today I had some people who came in from Chicago. They were looking at Picayune as one of the retirement cities. The community has sent VIPs from the hospital, the school district when they have visiting faculty come in and Stennis. Stennis has been a big support."

She says the doors are open to anyone who needs a quiet, quaint, historic environment to rest.

"They can drive 40 minutes into New Orleans and play all they want, or drive 40 minutes to the Coast and play all they want. Then they get to come back to a quiet place and just relax."

The B&B is located in the heart of old town Picayune on North Curran Avenue. For more information call (601) 799-3532 or visit the LaBelle B&B online at

by Al Showers