Locals And Tourists Soak Up Memorial Day Fun

Lucy Dinh and her friends came over to Gulfport's Jones Park from Louisiana. They all work at a restaurant in Metairie and got the day off. Dinh says they work hard and they also go to school. So, when there's a holiday, they like to get together and have picnics and enjoy the weekend.

Dee Boswell is also enjoying the holiday, with plenty of food and family. But her husband is missing from the gathering. Boswell says her husband, Calvin, is working for the county. When asked if she feels sorry for him, she jokingly says "I do, I'm sorry."

While many families came to the park with prepared meals, others tried to catch theirs. Marcus Falconer says fishing is the thing to do on Memorial Day. The only thing he caught was a tiny oyster fish. He says he's not doing too well, but at least he's enjoying himself.

Seven-year-old Raehann Pantermoller is also fishing with her dad and brother. She proudly bragged that she caught a Sheep head, while her brother caught "puny fishes."

Those who didn't want to fish near the water, spent the day on the water. William Knoor of New Orleans is trying out his friend's brand new boat. Knorr says it's a beautiful boat, and it's a nice day, so the group decided to head out to Ship Island. The rain did come down for a couple of minutes in the afternoon, but the wet weather didn't spoil the Memorial Holiday fun.

By: Trang Pham-Bui