Biloxi Families Honor Their Fallen Patriots

Memorial Day is a very patriotic time for the Broadus family. Rosa Broadus puts out American flags, so the family can honor the memory of her husband, Staff Sgt. Philip Broadus.

This Memorial Day, the Biloxi family remembered a second soldier, Lisa Fountain Graham. "It's a very sad time for me," her dad Albert Fountain said. "It's hard to lose a loved one like that."

In 1991, Lisa Graham received a bronze medal, for outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty during Desert Storm. On July 12, 1991, Graham was towing Desert Storm tanks back to Fort Riley, Kan., when she died in a freak accident. Nearly 10 years later, her family brought pictures and momentos to Rosa Broadus' home, so people could honor her memory.

"She died the same as my husband," Broadus said. "Nobody should be forgotten. So I was just so happy to do that for the Fountains."

The Broadus barbecue gave two coast families a chance to salute two military heroes. Graham's mom is Elizabeth Wills. She said, "We should be aware of what our service people do for our country."

Remembering fallen soldiers is why the Broadus family hosts this annual Memorial Day get together.