Golf Course Vandals Arrested

Two South Mississippi men are under arrest for causing some $20,000 worth of damage to an Ocean Springs golf course.

Officials at the Gulf Hills Golf Course say some rowdy golfers were asked to leave Sunday afternoon. Then, early Monday morning, they found donut tracks around two holes on the course.

The suspects are facing malicious mischief charges.

"It was kind of like road rage. They got mad because they were asked to leave, because they were doing something wrong. I don't think they were thinking. You get mad and do something you shouldn't do. I imagine today, if he had to do it over again, he'd think a little different," Gulf Hills Golf Course President Arnold Verhoeven said.

Officials say this is one of many vandalism incidences they've had in the last year. They thank the Jackson County Sheriff's Department for making the arrests as quickly as they did.