Chevron Launches Major Expansion

Chevron is trying to meet the country's need for more gasoline. So it's increasing its production capacity.

"It's a 150 million dollar expansion project to increase our gasoline production by about a half a million gallons a day," Public Affairs Manager Steve Renfroe said.

Right now the refinery is making five million gallons of gas a day. The year and a half long project will take place at the fluid catalytic cracking unit.

"It's one way that the refinery process units take crude oil and make refined products out of it and in this particular case it's gasoline," Renfroe said.

More gasoline produced locally will decrease our country's dependence on foreign fuel.

"This country's actually importing gasoline, jet fuel and diesel, into the country. So refining capacity is stretched in this country and this is an example of Chevron stepping forward and saying we're going to make more gasoline to supply what's already a tight market."

Preliminary work will start in the next couple of months and Renfroe says it will finish in late 2006. The expansion will create about a thousand construction jobs. Local companies and Mississippi businesses will get first shot at the work.