Clydesdales visit students in Pascagoula

Clydesdales visit students in Pascagoula

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Not the average horses, a pair of Clydesdales visited youngsters Wednesday at Resurrection Catholic School in Pascagoula.

The world champion "Express Clydesdales" are based in Oklahoma, but travel North America 220 days a year. They are gentle giants - weighing in at more than 2,000 pounds - who don't mind getting up-close with curious kids.

"These guys weigh a lot, so you don't want to get stepped on," one of the handlers told the students. "So, you make sure you watch your feet when you're around them."

Their feet are the size of a large dinner plate. Each of these animals can put away 15 pounds of grain and 30 pounds of hay a day.

"See, when you touch him really lightly, he thinks you're a fly. So he just kind of shakes his body to get the fly off," said the handler.

Though twice the size of the average horse, they are surprisingly docile.  Plus, they get along great with children.

"Oh, they love them...They're gentle and they like kids, so that goes hand in hand. We'll do parades with them, rodeos, shows. Pictures and we'll do rides for the people as well," said handler, Garrett Bovard.

And it's not just the kids who are impressed with these majestic animals. The teachers were equally star struck.

"Oh my word, he's gorgeous," said one, as she petted Big Jack.

The handlers say watching the kids react is a favorite part of such school visits.

"They think they're 'ginormous' and some of them are afraid," said Bovard. "But some of them go right up to them," said Bovard.

But it's safe to say most all of the kids will remember the day the Clydesdales stopped by for a visit.

Bob Funk is the owner of the horses, and founder of "Express Employment Professionals". He owns 35 Clydesdales on a ranch outside Oklahoma City.

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