Long serving music store closing soon in Gulfport

Long serving music store closing soon in Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - An iconic place music lovers on the Coast depend on will soon not be around anymore. Pinkston Music in Gulfport is closing. Owner Jim Pinkston is hanging up his strings after selling instruments and accessories in his Pass Road store since 1990.

"It took me six months to really come to grips with 'Are you really going to do this?' And yea, it's time," Pinkston said.

The explanation for why Jim is choosing to retire now is really pretty simple.

"Twenty-seven years opening to close, six days a week, I'm done," Pinkston said.

When Pinkston's closes, South Mississippi musicians will have a void that won't easily be filled. Jim describes his shop as a hardware store for musicians.

"Have you got an adapter ABC that goes to CGB? Got it!" Pinkston exclaimed.

The building Jim has enthusiastically greeted three generations of customers in is now for sale. He'll still see the next generation of musicians. Jim will continue renting instruments to school band students.

"You work three or four weeks at the beginning of the school year and after that somebody's trumpet needs service, I'll see you at 3:00," Pinkston said. "Yea it'll be great."

Jim met his bride-to-be while in Gulfport playing a show. She convinced him to move to the Coast and open a music store in a town he didn't really know anything about at the time. Today, as he prepares to close that store, he remembers so many customers that made it a special experience and what he'll miss the most is serving them.

"Just the dignity of being able to open that door and service that customer and they walk out happy. That's an achievement."

An official closing day hasn't been set and Pinkston plans to keep Pinkston Music open as long as his supplies last, but he doesn't think that's going to be for much longer.

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