Ocean Springs parents thank emergency crews 1 year later

Ocean Springs parents thank emergency crews 1 year later
Peter's family wanted to say thank you to those who saved their son's life. (Photo source: WLOX)

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - There are very few indicators that doctors feared 2-year-old Peter Parker would have massive brain damage just one year ago.

The bubbly toddler spent Saturday reuniting with the first responders and doctors who worked tirelessly to make sure that didn't happen.

"It is because of their skilled hands that Peter is still here," said Peter's mom, Leci Parker.

It was March 25, 2016 when Peter went into cardiac arrest, the cause still unknown. On the anniversary of the incident, Peter's parents celebrated the men who spent more than an hour administering CPR on the then 15 month old; saving his life.

"They might be thinking oh its just CPR, anybody could of done that, but God didn't use anybody. God used them, they were there at work that day. You know, somebody else might have given up sooner, we don't know," Parker said.

Medical professionals spent hours working to get the toddler's heart and breathing stabilized. Even when things looked grim, they kept working.

"There's a moment when you stop because there's nothing else you can do. But Dr. Walton didn't stop, the paramedics didn't stop, and the firemen didn't stop," Parker said.

Ocean Springs emergency room physician Dr. Perry Walton was at the event, checking out the progress made by his small patient.

"This is amazing. Unfortunately, in the emergency department and emergency services, a lot of what we do is really thankless," Dr. Walton said.

Walton says moments like Saturday make his job even more worthwhile.

"We see a lot of people and unfortunately we get a lot of complaints," said Walton. "We always hear the bad stuff and it's just rare for us to to hear the good stuff. So, it's just uplifting."

The Parker's say now the heroes are now a part of the family, and they plan to keep in close contact so they can always be in Peter's life.

Peter is currently in physical therapy and seeing a speech pathologist to regain the skills he lost in the incident.

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