Lawmakers slammed by residents for inaction over ACA

Lawmakers slammed by residents for inaction over ACA

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A long battle to eliminate the President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act ended without a vote.

On Friday, the bill to repeal Obamacare was hauled off the House floor because House Speaker Paul Ryan decided the votes were not there.

Some say the no vote is simply no good.

"I just wish they'd vote. Whichever way they decide is best rather than to abstain," said Gulfport resident Roland VaNorden. "I don't appreciate them abstaining. After all, we sent them up there. They are our representation and I think they should have voted."

President Donald Trump placed blame on the Democrats, but there wasn't a clear chorus of support from members of his own party who thought the new bill didn't go far enough in dismantling the ACA.

"All I see is just politics. It's almost like organized mayhem," said Dennis Barger. "I know politics is tough. It's not easy, but I think it's time that they started representing the people instead of their party....I think we do need an overhaul, and I hope it comes as quickly as possible. But it's not going to happen until they learn to work together."

Sean Howell of Woolmarket says lawmakers should follow an old rule.

"With Obamacare still in place, it's a good thing, but I pretty much really don't care for. However we need to have something in plan for that," said Howell.

However, the delay is good news for many in Mississippi. According to, as many as 104,000 in the state could have lost their coverage as a result of the repeal.

But, it's likely the fight and the fear over the ACA isn't over.

"I'm worried because my son is on Medicaid, and I'm on Medicaid because I'm his mother," Autumn Clark said. "If they don't have a replacement, my son won't have doctor visits and stuff because that's what it pays for.

Mississippi has two carriers offering health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Magnolia/Ambetter is available in all 82 counties, and Humana is available in 32 counties.

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