Honeybee season means swarms that should be saved, not killed

Honeybee season means swarms that should be saved, not killed

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's honeybee season and that means that swarms of the buzzing insects will inevitable surface here on the Gulf Coast. This week in Biloxi, hundreds of bees took over one family's driveway.

The bees started swarming late Thursday night at a home on Sanlenay Court in the La Bonne Terre neighborhood. The family woke up to two piles of bees -- one black pile with dead bees and another full of live ones.

Taking immediate action to save the bees, the family called the professional beekeepers at Stinger Juice Honey Bees. Since honeybees are an endangered species, experts advise trying to save them whenever possible. They also say it's completely normal to find these swarms during the spring.

"We're trying to preserve the bees," said Pat McCaffrey with Stinger Juice Honey Bees. "We're trying to keep people from killing them, spraying them and destroying them because the bees will pollinate seven out of the ten foods that we eat. If we lose the bees, we lose our food source."

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don't panic and don't kill the bees. Contact a professional, like Stinger Juice or any other knowledgeable beekeepers.

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