Moss Point Superintendent Still On The Job

The cloud hanging over the Moss Point School District remained Monday morning.

"I'm here at work. I came bright and early," Superintendent Dr. Tressie Harper says.

She showed up with a smile, continuing her daily routine. Despite threats from school board to fire her, Dr. Harper's getting ready for the upcoming school year.

"I'm here, busy. It's about a month until school starts. I look forward to serving the community and the children. We have lots of good things we're planning for them this fall," Harper adds.

But whether Dr. Harper is around this fall is up in the air. The school board's three to two vote to get rid of her shows Harper has some supporters.

Board president Mary Carter called for Harper's resignation last week. But she's hasn't commented since that vote.

A visit to Carter's home found two cars in the driveway and a cool response at the door. Carter's husband said Mrs. Carter wasn't available to talk.

As for Dr. Harper, she isn't talking about the board's action either.

When asked if she could say anything about the fact that the school board asked her to resign or be fired and she was still here, she said she'd prefer not to comment.

"I have a valid, two-year contract. I will be serving that time, as a contract would expect me to," Harper said.

The Moss Point School Board has called a special meeting Tuesday night at 5pm at the Moss Point High School Media Center.