Charity Asks County For Help Building Community Center

The Biloxi Salvation Army wants Harrison County to help build a new community center in Biloxi.

The widow of McDonald's founder Ray Kroc gave $17.5 million for construction, but the city has to come up with another $7.5 million in matching funds. The center will go up on the corner of Division and Lee Streets.

Monday, the agency asked the county supervisors for $619,000 over the next five years.

"And with that, we feel we'll have that last push to get over the hurdle and raise the residual 400 and some odd thousand dollars. So we're not coming to you and asking you to give us the money to start, we're coming to you asking you to give us the money to finish," campaign chairperson D'Auby Schiel said.

The supervisors say there are a lot of budget concerns facing the county and they could only promise to consider the Salvation Army's request.