Cameron May found guilty on all counts

Cameron May found guilty on all counts

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Following a two-day trial for aggravated assault, kidnapping, and sexual battery, Cameron May has been found guilty on all counts.

May was sentenced to a total of 50 years in jail; 20 years for the first count, and 30 years for the last three counts.

May, 26, is accused of beating and sexually assaulting a woman at the Dominion Apartments in Ocean Springs in September of 2015. He pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexual assault, kidnapping, and sexual battery last year.

May's attorney, Melvin Cooper, asked the judge Wednesday morning to merge the two aggravated assault charges. That request was denied. The judge also denied motions from the defense questioning the other charges.

May was then called to the stand. Cooper has argued May has a history of events that could lead to mental issues.

During his testimony, May described his middle and high school years, including a class project in sixth grade where he was assigned the name "the invisible man."

May testified he decided one day he wanted to become a god. He said the idea came to him while he was brainstorming, and he wanted to use the name "the invisible man."

He said he found a demonic symbol during research similar to a symbol he had drawn for "the invisible man." May testified he felt guided to the symbol, and its demonic association motivated him to commit "evil acts."

May told the court he determined he had to commit an evil act to become a god. May became emotional before describing the attack, and the judge had to call a brief recess so he could regain his composure.

May testified he woke up on the morning of Sept. 9, 2015, ate, watched TV, and smoked a cigarette. He said that's when he decided it was a good day to carry out the "evil act."

May told the court he visited three different apartment complex before choosing Dominion to carry out his attack. May said his mind was focused on the symbol during the attack, which only lasted about 90 seconds.

May denied any sexual assault, and said he fled to Florida after the attack to "lay low."

Dr. Stefan Massong, the psychologist who evaluated May at the Jackson County Adult Detention Center, said May has a severe form of mental illness.

Massong said May has a delusional system that could exist simultaneously with rational thought, and his ability to determine right and wrong was superseded by the urge to fulfill his delusion.

Prosecuting attorney Bobby Knochel argued May does have mental issues, but he can't be considered legally insane.

Psychologist Dr. William Lott, a state witness, said May is not legally insane my Mississippi's definition, because irresistible impulse is not a criteria to determine legal insanity. He said May explained his delusion as a spiritual thing.

May was taken into custody following sentencing and transported to the Mississippi Department of of Corrections.

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