Art meets community service in Ocean Springs

Art meets community service in Ocean Springs

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Jesse Blalock and his girlfriend Kelsey Wishik are doing what they can to make Ocean Springs a better place.

"We started noticing different profanity, different cuss words, and racial slurs," said Blalock. "So, we came out here with some paint brushes one day."

The well-known local artists say they're on a mission to cover hate with every stroke of paint.

"Families come out here to fish and watch the sunset, so we just kinda took the initiative to add a little color to the spot and just make it vibrant," said Wishik.

Their artwork has become somewhat of an attraction. Multiple photographers have found their way to the bridge to take pictures of the artwork as well as the Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge.

"Actually, a lot more people than we realized are starting to see it. We've seen a lot of coastal photographers come up with work from this spot with the natural environment included with this kind of urban vibrant statement."

The two are also receiving support from city leaders.

"I messaged Connie Moran and asked if this was alright. She said it was, we'll just keep coming down here adding color," said Blalock.

Both Jesse and Kelsey are hoping to paint over other obscenities along the Coast to brighten up all of South Mississippi.

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