Gautier High student surprises school with 'promposal'

Gautier High student surprises school with 'promposal'
Gautier High junior Parker Peterson surprises his best friend senior Gabrielle Humber with a promposal. (Photo source: Parker Peterson)

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - As the prom approaches each spring, social media is filled with "promposals" --  images of eager high school students staging elaborate scenes, all in the effort to ask someone else to the end-of-year dance.

Gautier High School student Parker Peterson, 16, knew he wanted to go to the prom this year with his best friend 17-year old Gabrielle Humber, aka Gabi. But when she was named valedictorian of this year's graduating class and made a 36 on her ACT -- a perfect score -- Parker, a junior, knew he wanted to do something extra special to celebrate his BFF for her senior year. So, a promposal was born.

On Thursday, the school held an assembly to recognize student achievement, including Gabi's perfect ACT score. As she was accepting the recognition, Parker -- who had tossed aside his standard school uniform and donned a button-up shirt and tie -- used a microphone to gather everyone's attention. Hanging behind him, a large yellow banner read, "You have the perfect score. I would be the perfect date. 1+1 = Prom." As soon as Gabi said yes, the other students at the assembly released balloons and burst into loud cheers and applause

"The promposal was a surprise to her and the entire school body," Parker said.. "I was very glad to celebrate my best friend Gabi."

Parker and Gabi met when they both joined the middle school band. They are still in the band together at Gautier High, with Parker playing the alto saxophone and Gabi playing the clarinet.

Gautier High's junior/senior prom will be held April 1. The school's graduation is May 26 at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum and Convention Center.

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