Students plant seeds to help better community

Students plant seeds to help better community

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Students at a Gulfport elementary school took advantage of the beautiful day Friday by spending time exercising their green thumbs.

"We're growing plants and helping people with the environment," said one eager gardener.

Fourth and fifth grade students from Gaston Point Elementary are learning about the power of sowing seeds.

"It gets them ready to become life-long learners. It gets them involved with the community," said Assistant Principal, Michelle Harrison.

It's all a part of an urban revitalization program called Feed the Seed. The program aims to bring more fresh fruits and vegetables to local communities.

"They're so excited, and they love anything hands-on," said Harrison. "Any hands-on curriculum and any instruction that we can provide is so great for the kids,"

Students like De'Niya Thomas are excited about the people they will soon help.

"To be honest, it's a very great thing to help our community grow. It feels nice to know that we're just helping," said Thomas.

Other students from the school will continue to add on to the community garden.

Feed the Seed Project Manager, Tracy Wyman added, "I'm more excited for how it will eventually make them feel and how it will eventually help them to understand that they, even as fourth and fifth graders can have an impact on their community."

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