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The American Healthcare Act: Impact on Mississippi families

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Nearly 800,000 Mississippian are signed up for insurance through Medicaid and almost another 40,000 have plans through Obamacare.  But if the new American Healthcare Act is approved, funding to Medicaid would get cut by $880 Billion. 

Roy Mitchell with the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program says the cut would kill the 50-year-old program and put a large number of Mississippian without a place to turn.

"Right now, the program stand allows for who ever meets the eligibility requirements to receive the benefits," explained Mitchell. "Under a cap program, only so many people will be allowed on the program. Only a certain amount of services will be afforded to them and they'll basically have no redress. There will be no due process."

The new act would also raise monthly health insurance bills for seniors and older families.

"An older Mississippian, (age) 55 to 64, could see an increase as much as $7,000 in their premiums," Mitchell said. "If you are in a family, an older family, (it could be raised) as much as $11,000 and that just by the year 20-20."

Mitchell says another thing that has been concerning to the medical community is how quickly this bill is going through Congress. The Affordable Care Act was debated on for a year before ever being voted on by lawmakers. This new bill was introduced 17 days ago.

The bill, so far, has been opposed by AARP, the American Medical Association, and the American Hospital Association.

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