Gulfport Family Welcomes New Baby For Fathers Day

For a new arrival, Emylia Moran was actually a little late getting here.

"The due date was set for the 13th and we said when she's ready to come she's ready to come," says Aldo Moran of Gulfport.

But as it turns out brand new father Aldo Moran of Gulfport says she was right on time for fathers day.

"We went to a party last night and Christina says I think it's time so at 10 o'clock we were here and at 10:05 this morning she's here," says Moran.

Aldo was right there to take delivery of his first fathers day gift, guided of course by the close supervision of their Doctor.

"She put me in the birthing plan and Dr. McClure, she fit me in there and said here's what you need to do and I'll guide you along and talk you through it and next thing you know I was holding her in my hands," he said.

Hands that new mom Crystina says proved to be very steady despite her earlier reservations.

"I had read up on it being done somewhere else and I mentioned it to him and told him I want it for mine as long as Doctor McClure will be right there to catch her if he missed," Crystina said.

No problem there however. In fact Dr. McClure give this young Biology teacher an A plus in delivery.

"He did a great job," says Dr. Kathryn McClure. "He's on call now in case I need any back up."

Now the real test of parenthood begins.

"I teach first grade for a living so I'm used to being around little kids but this is a whole lot of responsibility," says Crystina.

But with first words, first steps, and first dates well in the future, for now Morans are only dwelling on present, and the fathers day present that for Aldo, will never be topped.

"It's incredible. I can't explain. She's a beautiful young lady and we'll have many years of happiness to come."