Dancers Get Together To "Brang It"

Roland Tabor is one of the newest masters of the hip-hop dance floor, and on Saturday, more than one hundred dancers from all over the country came to learn from the best.

"I've been dancing hip hop for a while and I thought this would be a really good opportunity to come out and get some new dance moves and learn from other choreographers other than like Darren Henson and David Scott. It's a real privilege to come and learn from other choreographers from different areas," said dancer Tia Clay.

Roland, or "Ro Ro",who has choreographed videos for such music stars as Usher, Aaliyah, and most recently Omarion is part of a group of top choreographers touring with this dance workshop called "Brang It", sponsored by Calvin Foster Entertainment.

"We're trying to educate the kids on dance and also have a family event by which all the kids, all kinds of backgrounds, can come together, and as you can see the spirit in here is very strong as far as the easygoingness, the peacefulness, and they are having a ball," said Calvin Foster co-founder Calvin Edwards.

Edwards, who is a native of Moss Point, wanted to bring the tour to the Mississippi Coast because he says it is filled with talent.

And that talent was definitely seen on Saturday, and hopefully, it will be seen all over the nation pretty soon.

The entertainment company was filming footage for an upcoming reality show that will highlight the students and their smooth moves.

"It's great to see everybody's different style of dance. Everybody's view of hip-hop and pop-n-locking are so different. It's amazing. Amazing," said Clay.

And that show will hopefully air in the Fall.

Meanwhile, several of today's talented dance students will be given the opportunity to start dancing in music videos, as well as to go on tour as backup dancers with various artists.