Drivers Run Into Skyrocketing Holiday Gas Prices

The Linsleys needed gas so they could resume their drive to San Antonio. "We took into consideration not going because of the gas prices," Beverly Linsley said as she stood outside her car. "We heard it was about $1.76 going across the country."

This Gulfport pit stop only cost $1.44 a gallon. The price made the next leg of the Linsleys' drive to their daughter's college graduation a bit more enjoyable. "Just got to do what you have to do," Linsley said. "I don't like it. But what can you do?"

What can you do? Some drivers say not much, because you need gas. Herman Johnson's solution is to keep the car parked whenever possible. "You don't cruise as much," Johnson said, "at least I don't."

If people do cruise over the long Memorial Day weekend, it may be to find cheaper gas prices. That's what Albert Williams usually does. "I ride around most all over town," Williams said. "But I always wind up coming back here, because these are the two cheapest."

A Biloxi man drove to Highway 49 in Gulfport to buy his holiday gas. "It's cheaper in Gulfport than Biloxi, about $.10 a gallon cheaper," he said. "And we happen to be over this way. So every time I'm over this way, I fill up."

Let's compare. Gas prices at 10 Gulfport stations along Highway 49 and I-10 ranged between $1.30 and $1.55 a gallon for regular unleaded. The Memorial Day weekend prices in Biloxi fluctuated between $1.43 and $1.56. Sure enough, the average price per gallon was $.04 higher in Biloxi.

What does Albert Williams think about gas prices and where they're at right now? "I think they're ridiculous," he laughed.

More than 70 coast people got a break at the pumps Friday. They paid just $.94 a gallon for 10 gallons of gas. The difference between the special price and the actual pump price was paid by the Tom Joyner radio show and WJZD.