Keep green thumb from turning brown during freeze

Keep green thumb from turning brown during freeze

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Just when residents thought the cold weather was over, a big chill is on its way.

But, it's really not that much of a surprise to experts.

"Well, every year it does this, just about every year. You always have a freeze before Easter, but a lot of people want to get ahead and get going with the planting," said Carole Hermes, plant specialist with Frazier's Nursery.

While some of the plants already put in the ground are hardy enough to withstand the one day cold snap, there are other that need special attention.

"You need to watch the tropical plants, possibly your tomatoes, vegetables and herbs. Just delicate ones like that. Just put them inside or cover them," Melissa Mooneyhan said.

Other things that help include laying down extra mulch, according to Hermes.

"It keeps the ground warm. And as long as the ground is warm, the roots will be OK."

Believe it or not, watering plants now will pay off when the temperature dips below 32 degrees.

"It freezes the roots. It keeps it like it's an insulation pot," Hermes explained.

Wind can act as a barrier against the cold.

"Well, the wind prevents crystals of ice from forming in plants so it's actually helpful in the cold weather, but it does dry the plants out so you have to make sure that the plants get water," Lori Kelly explained. 

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