Marine Life Welcomes New Member To Dolphin Family

The Marine Life dolphin show has a slightly different look. Jackie the 26-year-old dolphin isn't performing right now.

"She'll let us know when she's ready to go back to the show and do her other behaviors," trainer Amy Cozart said. "Right now, being a mom is the most important thing to her."

Six weeks ago, Jackie gave birth to her third child, a three foot, 30 pound baby dolphin.

"A newborn is very exciting," trainer Tim Hoffland said. "Everything that animal learns is going to come from you and come from the mother."

Everywhere mom swims, her baby swims. And it will be that way for another six to 12 months.

"But right now the baby is nursing. This is Jackie's time to get fed. Right after the show, in between the show, that's when Jackie spends time with her baby," Cozart said.

The baby dolphin still doesn't have a name. One should be chosen in the next few days. By the end of the year, trainers will start working with the newborn. But you won't see him trying tricks in this tank until at least 2004.

"It takes a lot of patience because it's about six months to a year before you get to work with them," Hoffland said. "All you get to do is watch it. So that's kind of tough."

This was the 11th time in six years a dolphin gave birth to a baby. All but one of the dolphins are still part of the Marine Life family. If you'd like to see the baby dolphin, he's in Marine Life's main tank. The calf and his mom swim along the outer wall, while other dolphins put on their show.